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  • Choose the right advanced power strip based on your habits to reduce the electricity wasted when your electronic devices are idle.
  • Product Features 2 pack of 6-outlet, surge-protector power strips with 2-foot power chord
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Belkin 6-Outlet Surge Protector with 2-Foot Cord (2-Pack)


Plug-In Outlet rackmount power strips include rackmount, Cabinet-MATE vertical, compact, 90 degree, digital read-outs, deluxe control, industrial, hospital grade and international units. Most power strips are available in both 15 and 20 amp configurations, with 30 amp power strip & 40 amp power distribution units available.

Bring rack mount power safely and conveniently to wherever you need it with a full line of standard and custom Plug-In Outlet Centers. These power strips are ideal for use in a wide variety of settings, including server cabinets, relay racks, wall mount racks, LAN racks, laboratories, classrooms and offices. They can be used in rackmount, horizontal or vertical configurations. Screw them to cabinet rails, the underside of LAN racks, floor or wall mounted.


6-Outlet Power Strip with 45 Degree Angle Plug

The FGXpress Power Strips are great for those who suffer from back and joint pain. Users that were recommended this product from their friends and family mentioned the product is a real miracle worker in helping to temporarily relieve pain. Although the strips are not meant to cure chronic pain, they do seem to help alleviate pain and offer a more natural alternative to some pain medications.