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Photive S5 Compact Water Resistant Portble Bluetooth Speaker


There are many portable speakers on the market to choose from, but when you select your speaker, one trait should trump all: performance – or, more specifically, sound quality. Even very small speakers can sound great. The perfect portable speaker also has a long battery life, a small but rugged design, and a range of connectivity options. We evaluated the top 10 models based on the following criteria:

Battery Life
Second only to audio quality is the life of the battery. You don't want a speaker that needs to be plugged in and recharged every couple hours. The longer the battery life is, the longer you can stay out on your adventure without having to worry about your speaker dying. You want a portable speaker with an extended battery life – anything over 10 hours is optimal.


Portable Bluetooth Speakers | JBL

Earlier, I took out the charging cable and plugged one end into the BlueSync OR3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker and the other into a USB socket on my computer. Now that I come to think of it, I can use the USB charger that’s in my car, so realistically the BlueSync OR3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker can go pretty much anywhere you want it to. But back to charging — expect to wait about 4 hours to fully charge the battery (which is a large one). The up-to-16 hours you get in return makes it worth it. Just keep in mind that the USB connection on the BlueSync OR3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker is NOT the standard USB expected — it’s a mini-jack like for . So the included USB cable must be used, and if you can go to a Radio Shack/related and buy another one, you’ll be safe if something should happen to the cable.