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Jensen JTA-230 3 Speed Stereo Turntable with Built in Speakers

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I saw this turntable on sale for $49.99, so I decided to jump on it. It seemed like it would be a good gift for my dad. I tested it out and it works as expected - just need a better understanding of all the settings and whatnot for a better recording next time. My only complaint: the cover for the turntable is really cheap! It managed to crack in two places from just taking it off and putting it back on. Other than that, this is a decent portable USB turntable. I love that it has a built-in speaker, but I wouldn't suggest it as a primary turntable.

The revolutionary Numark PT-01USB is a portable USB turntable that converts your vinyl to WAV or MP3 wherever, and whenever you want. With the PT-01USB, you get a rugged, portable turntable that can run on either wall or battery power. The Numark PT0-01USB features a cover with integrated carry-handle and an internal speaker for total mobility.

Using the recording software included with the PT-01USB turntable, you don't need any special drivers to transfer vinyl to your PC or Mac computer. Just connect PT-01USB to any Mac or PC via USB and easily transfer music from vinyl to hard disk. EZ Vinyl Converter 2 for PC and EZ Audio Converter for Mac software is included with the USB turntable to make recording and importing audio simple. EZ Vinyl Converter 2 imports your songs directly into your iTunes library, automatically separating tracks. With a free download of Gracenote MusicID, EZ Vinyl Converter 2 can even automatically name your tracks. The Numark PT-01USB also comes with Audacity software for editing your tracks. Audacity also helps reduce clicks, pops, and other noises from your recordings to restore the full quality of your vinyl.

The Numark PT-01USB turntable has a stereo 1/8" line input so you can connect other sound sources such as tape decks and convert your tapes to digital files too. RCA line outputs enable connection to your DJ system or home stereo so you can use the PT-01USB turntable as a standard record player. In addition to the internal speaker and RCA outputs, you can also listen to the Numark PT-01USB with headphones.

There's even a ±10% pitch control to help you optimize your tracks for whatever needs you have. With 33, 45, and 78 RPM speeds, the Numark PT-01USB Portable USB Turntable works with your entire record collection.


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Crosley CR49 Traveler Portable Turntable, truly a traveler, this portable turntable is ready to go where you do and with a style reminiscent of the late 50's.