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The reasons for the rise in popularity with the portable printer are fairly obvious. Mostly desired by traveling executives and anyone that is out of town frequently on business and in many cases not even work related. Knowing Your Need as First Requirement It is often simply packed along with the laptop. Whether you need color prints or simply black documents then you can find something to fit that bill. No point in having extra features if you are not going to use them. So it’s simply a case of review your need before you start your search. Well Canon […]

are definite must-haves especially for busy travelers as well as those who often conduct business on the road. They combine style and function in one compact unit. The introduction of portable printers made the life of people who are always on the go much easier. A portable printer for laptop is primarily designed for travel purposes, which weigh anywhere from 5 to 10 pounds. In addition, they are about half the size, or even less, of the typical home printer. However, since they are a fairly new innovation, do not expect to get the quality of laser printers. Up to date, most portable printers are still inkjets. Although a portable laptop inkjet printer may not offer the same quality as lasers do, they are still excellent carry-on printers.


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Well, I’ve been watiting for this thing to come on the market. They say it is coming soon. Two years ago I wrote about the . Now Polaroid puts that technology into a camera! It doesn’t get any more portable than this thing. The printer is currently on sale for $100. It doesn’t use ink. It uses a thermal process with a special paper. The paper contains pigment crystals that, when heated, permeate the surface. The cool thing is that the printers are smudgless because of the process. Now, the prints aren’t amazing, but who cares? People will really get into this because it brings ultra portable printing back! Features: