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Insignia Portable CD Player with Skip Protection, CD-R, CD-RW


For those of you who haven't made the jump to iPods or MP3 players we still got your back. If you like listening to your collection of CDs and don't feel the need to move on to newer technology, then we're here to help you pick out a personal CD player. New portable CD players are slimmer, more versatile, and offer greater durability than ever before, making for a quality alternative digital music player. Read on to learn more about the different features available before you make your purchase.

6. Radio Music. When I was backpacking in 2004 I took with me a portable CD player and a case containing a load of CD's. How old is that? And it was only 5 years ago. Could you live without your mp3 player and itunes. Could you survive only listening to the radio?


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