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  • Popcorn Machines, Cotton Candy Machines, Hot Dog Machines, Sno Cone Machines
  • Lifetime Warranty on this made in the USA Popcorn Machine when used for residential purposes.

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Too low to display

The few negatives heard from reviewers are minor and include the popping kettle being too large and taking up too much room in the unit. Also the size of the Paramount Entertainment Deluxe New Full Size 8 oz Popcorn Machine has been mentioned as a criticism, as it takes up a fair amount of room. The acrylic walls are also mentioned as a bit of a problem, saying that they are quick to fog up if you don`t properly clean them using acrylic cleaner.

With all of the same perks and high quality standard of the other deluxe popcorn maker machines, this particular unit has the added bonus of an attached cart. Made with heavy duty thick high strength steel and large rubber tires with alloy wheels, this cart enables you to move it to wherever it most convenient for you and your family. The main popcorn machine can also be taken off and used separately from the cart.


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Most notably the deluxe popcorn maker machine has a warming deck and warming light. This is ideal for those who are looking to save a little popcorn for later, but enjoy the warmth of the popcorn as if it were fresh. With the additional heating element built into the base of the unit, your popcorn will also taste fresh and delicious.