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Sony PlayStation Vita WiFi


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Earlier this week, Sony unveiled their , a newer model of the PlayStation Vita that includes 1GB of memory, a better battery life, and an LCD screen, just to name a few differences.


PlayStation Vita Could Shift Towards Digital-Only | USgamer

Design, specs, and other features
First available in two versions, the PlayStation Vita retails for $200 (Wi-Fi only) and $300 (Wi-Fi/3G, though it's becoming increasingly harder to find this model). At a quick glance, it could be confused with the PSP, but upon further inspection you'll find it's wider, taller, and just a few millimeters thicker and few ounces heavier than the . Most noticeable of all, though, has got to be its dazzling 5-inch (960x544-pixel) OLED touch screen, which is nearly an entire inch bigger (diagonally) than the PSP-3000's screen.