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Uniden BT-1021 BBTG0798001 Cordless Handset Rechargeable Battery (3-Pack)

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Make Your Panasonic Cordless Phone Battery Last Longer
Take care of your Panasonic phone battery with the proper precautions. Below is basic information and FAQ's about Panasonic cordless phone batteries and how to properly and safely maintain them. To help prolong the life of your Panasonic cordless phone battery, consider some of the points below.

Q: How do Panasonic cordless phone batteries work?
A: Panasonic cordless phone batteries work similar to other common batteries. Notice on a Panasonic cordless phone battery the "plus (+)" and "minus (-)" sign. When a connection is made between the positive and negative ends of a Panasonic cordless phone battery and the ends are immersed in an electrolyte solution, a chemical reaction will take place within the Panasonic cordless phone battery cell. The Panasonic cordless phone battery becomes fueled with energy as a result of this chemical reaction.


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