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  • Great pedometer watch with heart rate
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  • Great pedometer watch with heart rate

3DTriSport Walking 3D Multi-Function Pocket Pedometer, Clip and Strap with E-Book (Black / Grey)

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Tracking and Recording
Accuracy is the key to a good pedometer. The most feature-stuffed pedometers are useless if they don't accurately count your steps. Tri-axis accelerometers are the most accurate and most common sensors in higher-end pedometers, but many other devices use pendulums to sense back and forth movement of your stride.

Pedometers are most accurate when you wear them on your hip, so look for small pedometers that will sit comfortably on your belt loop or waistband. Wristband and bracelet pedometers are best if you want to monitor your activity constantly. These types of pedometers are best for running because they'll track the movement of your arms rather than the swing of your hips. Below are some other considerations that are useful when you’re shopping for a pedometer.


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The most basic pedometers are simple battery-operated boxes with little more than a display screen and an on/off switch. Some can store data from multiple days, but many are reset each time they’re turned off. Models in this category are usually quite inexpensive, and can be good choices for people who don’t need or want any sort of serious tracking.