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Pebble Smart Watch for iPhone and Android Devices (Red)


As a rather unassuming piece of wearable technology, the Pebble smartwatch has a simple charm uncommon in today's rush for features. It's a charm easily appreciable with regular use, and maintained even in the company of LG, Samsung and Sony. Birthed thanks to a staggering £10million plus in Kickstarter funding, the Pebble is hard to dislike. But more, it can claim to be the only smartwatch pushed into existence by users' own financial clout.

The latest version of the Pebble smartwatch neared a record funding amount on Kickstarter on Friday amid growing interest in wearable tech and ahead of the highly anticipated Apple Watch launch.


Pebble Smartwatch: Alle Daten & Fakten zur Pebble Smartwatch

The Pebble smartwatch is a lot more than just a watch — it’s the latest attempt to turn your wrist into the launchpad for a wearable computing revolution. It’s also the preeminent symbol of the Kickstarter hardware revolution. After 85,000 orders, 10 million crowdfunded dollars, and one or two slipped ship dates, the Pebble is finally here, ready to pipe emails and texts directly to your wrist.