• The latest pay as you go phones
Pay as you go mobile phones can offer a host of advantages over contract mobile phone deals.


When you choose a pay as you go mobile phone you're not tied into lengthy contract.


  • However, some carriers do not impose time limits on pay as you go mobile phone usage at all.
  • Once owners of pay as you go phones run out of airtime, they will need to top up again.
  • Until such time as they add credit to their pay as you go mobile phone, they will still be able to receive calls though.

Nokia Lumia 635 (AT&T Go Phone) No Annual Contract

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Topping up with a voucher will typically require the owner of the pay as you go phone to make a free phone call to their network and enter a specially generated number.

Furthermore, pay as you go mobile phone owners can run a higher risk of running out of credit than consumers who have opted a contract mobile phone deal.


Orange Miami Pay As You Go Mobile Phone

April 12, 2011 - Today is a huge day for those of us wanting more selection of pay as you go smartphones. When the big companies start with prepaid smartphones then you know there is potential in the market and the other big companies will follow the competition.