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Memory Master 2 GB (2 x 1 GB) DDR 400MHz PC3200 Desktop DIMM Memory Modules (MMD2048KD1-400)

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PC gamers are some of the most aggressive defenders of their medium in the industry, the evidence to that is easy to see. Just about every gamer who uses a PC primarily has, at one point, tried to prove to a friend that PC gaming is vastly superior to consoles. I'm just as guilty as anyone for attempting to buoy my favoured platform over all others. We tend to be assertive and extremely stubborn in our opinions on the subject. But why is that exactly?

I can say first hand, as a PC gaming enthusiast, it is very easy to feel put upon by the state of the games industry right now. We are viewed as an amalgamation of pirates , and unnecessary and elitist by gamers who primarily use consoles. We feel hemmed in, trapped, and it is only natural for us to get a little defensive. No one with a Playstation as ever need to argue their platforms legitimacy as a gaming device. But as a PC Gamer, I can't count the number of times I've had to answer the question "Why don't you just use consoles?".


PC Gamer plays Resident Evil 4 HD

Un PC normal cuesta aproximadamnete minimo 400 Dolares. Sumado a una Consola, son otros 400 Dolares. En Total son 800 Dolares. Con 800 Dolares, es un presupuesto mas que ideal para un PC Gamer de Gama Alta. Donde evidentemente, gozaras de todas las ventajas anteriomente dichas, y al ser de Gama Alta, con mejores graficos, resolucion y/o tasa de cuadros.