• • NightOwl IR Cube Clock Hidden night Vision Camera
  • *Visibility distance of the night vision camera decreases twice in fog or heavy snow
  • Most true 24-hour night vision cameras from EZWatch Are available in three different resolution levels: Silver, Gold and Platinum.
  • Find great deals on eBay for Night Vision Camera in Home Security Cameras. Shop with confidence.

Sereer HDV-301 FHD 1080P Digital Video Camera Camcorder Night Vision Wide Angle Macro Shooting 24MP 3 Inch Touch Screen


Flir PathFindIR is a compact night vision camera developed to reduce night driving troublesome situations by detecting potential danger on the way and ensuring more time for the driver to react to any hazard.
Car night vision camera helps you to recognize pedestrians, animals or another objects under poor visibility conditions such as total darkness, smoke, rain, fog* and snow*.

Hidden night vision Video Camera Clock radio. This is the ultimate in hidden security cameras. Use our clock radio like any normal clock radio but with some very important special features. This spy hidden camera will record high quality video day and night using hidden night vision. Stop wasting money on other nanny cameras and hidden security cameras when this hidden video camera will accomplish all your hidden camera projects. This hidden camera will record directly to an Included 2GB SD card. That will let you record about 1 1/2 hours at high resolution 4 hours at medium resolution and approx 8 hours at low resolution. The built in recorder will start when motion is detected and stop when the motion stops.


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Wireless, infrared, weatherproof CCD camera and receiver package. This night vision camera can operate in total darkness (0.00 Lux) with the aid of the fitted 30 high power infrared LED's.