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Now, this new computer system can do everything except give birth, and it mightbe able to do that if someone programmed in the birds and the bees. It hasso many bells and whistles that it rivals Google. “The Team” ispractically popping buttons they are so excited.

Did I say numerous? They fill up my inbox faster than SPAM on a weekendholiday buzz. After a while, there is nothing left to say, so they just say thesame thing over and over. So far, I’ve received 108 emails singing thepraises of the new computer system louder than a rock concert.


What is the newest operating system on the Apple computers

On Thursday 25 April, we moved to the new computer system. The reason for this change is mainly because our current system is ageing. There will be many benefits that will not be obvious to you as these are mainly clinical, but these changes will help us to improve the way we manage your care.