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HTC One M7 32GB Unlocked GSM 4G LTE Android Cell Phone - Silver


If all of this dragging and dropping sounds cumbersome to you, then perhaps you should consider a cloud storage service like or . These services have easy-to-use apps on all of the major platforms, making it easy to back-up files on your old phone and access them on your new phone.

This process is pretty painless if you are moving to a new phone on the same platform. iTunes backs up SMS messages when it performs a routine iPhone backup, and there are several good backup utilities for Android on the Play Store that do this, as well.


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Buying newest phones from third-party merchants is a good alternative when you need a Samsung Galaxy S III without contract at lower price than in carrier’s store. However, buying brand new phones at suspicious low prices may be sometimes risky. When you buy phones online keep a few things in mind. You know the rule, you get what you pay for. Here you can find few tips below to help you find a new phone at great value and purchase it with confidence.