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  • Yes, I have the LG Nexus 4 that i’ve used now on Straight Talk, Simple Mobile, and Net 10.
  • Now about Net10’s shortcomings:
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Net 10 GSM Sim Card Unlimites Talk Dext and Data $40 Month and Works with At&t Network

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Right now as of March 2012, Net10 has just a couple Android smartphones in their lineup. Expect this to change with Net10 and most other prepaid companies. They have two super budget and cheap smartphones, the LG Optimus Net and LG Optimus Q. Keep your expectations realistic and you will be happy with either of these two phones.

Do your due diligence before getting one of these Android smartphones from Net10. The reason? As we understand, Net10 uses Sprint towers for coverage with their Android phones. This is much more limited so you need to check before deciding. Does your area have good coverage or not? That is the question. So really it's more a matter of coverage with Net10.


Tips for Managing Your Cellular Data| Net10 Wireless

Well, if Joel said it, then it must– oh, no, wait. This is a falsehood. Net10 has for years had deals with multiple providers, which is why they have claimed that they use other providers’ networks (PLURAL) to give great coverage. They certainly do not use only Sprint. Nor has that been true, for at least several years — long before 2011.