• Enhance your Navigation Device
  • Black Box Module Adds High-Performance GPS Navigation to 2009 Audio/Video Head Units
  • (2) The time of year when navigation is possible in terms of local climatic conditions.
  • Navigation procedures are regulated by national laws and international agreements.

EASYOWN G 7050 7 inch Car GPS Windows CE 6.0 4GB HD Screen Navigation System Navigator

Too low to display

For Europe: TomTom, iGo, Sygic are all ok. They all know rather obscure buildings in the country and pathfinding is ok too. Don't know about traffic, never tried them with data enabled. Pick any of these or choose Nokia maps since they are free I think.

Personally I've used Sygic last few years and then bought dedicated Garmin navigation. It is expensive compared to pure software solutions but it doesn't drain my phone battery and I'm free to use my phone in parralel to navigation (useful when talking to home owner and finding his location at the same time).

I'd also add:

Scout - Very nicely designed, light, OSM navigation application.
Locus Maps - This is for cartography fanatics. Incredibly functional.


Yay! You're now following navigation in your .

If I left out any files from the End Game Engine that are referenced please leave a commit and I’ll get those included asap.
Mikko Mononen stuff works flawlessly for our engine and we are grateful to him for sharing his navigation mesh code. All the original code is by Mikko Mononen and I have clearly marked my changes, please do the same with the code when you get it.