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Slithering Snake


Simply watching a single one minute video clip online triggers the download speed to decrease to 0.50mbps. I can watch it happen. I click on a link and watch the video start and it buffers for roughly ten seconds and then it stops buffering. Then I click on another video and it won't even buffer, at all. So I give up. And after waiting about fifteen minutes my download speed goes back to 16mbps and then I can repeat the process with the exact same results. This appears to be a sure sign of throttling. TWC claims they won't and don't do this but since I cannot get an answer as to why this happens it leaves the door open for speculation.

For almost a week now my download speeds have alternated from 16mbps to 0.50mbps while my upload speed remains around 1.10mbps. Why is my upload speed uneffected but my download speed is? Well, I've discovered a pattern. The 16mbps download speed, which is the maximum speed I've been able to get recently, seems to drop only when I do two things: watch a Youtube video or play an online game using Xbox Live.


Steam limiting my download speed?