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Pyle PD3000A 3000W AM-FM Receiver with Built-In DVD/MP3/USB, PSS8 8-Channel High Power Stereo Speaker Selector and PDIC81RD 8 inch Two-Way In-Ceiling Speaker System and PVC1 Wall Mount Rotary Volume Control knob

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The volume of each speaker and the various equalization settings are adjustable from your Bluetooth enabled smartphone or tablet. The Multiroom Audio System app also offers the possibility to name each speaker according to their specific location allowing customizable navigation. No complex configuration required! Your phone or tablet is now a remote control for your music! Turn each zone on or off, adjust the volume, assign left or right speaker or allow one speaker to play left and right channels concurrently. The choice is yours and since there are so many, the Multiroom Audio System will never disappoint.

The Multiroom Audio System connects up to 5 wireless speakers for optimal distribution of your music via your own collection or your favorite streaming applications (Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, etc.). The "Base" or Master Speaker of the Multiroom Audio System receives your phone or tablets signal via Bluetooth 4.0 and broadcasts your music via WiFi to the other speakers in other rooms. (Up to four additional speakers can be added). The hub / base speaker also has a 3.5mm input that allows you to connect an auxiliary / non-Bluetooth device. The possibilities are endless since any content can be streamed wherever you choose with your phone or tablet.


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