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The video game industry has certainly taken notice to the growing number of female video game players. Some game companies (e.g., Nintendo, Zynga) have started to develop and publish more video games and video game-related products specifically targeting female players. Unfortunately, when companies develop video games and products with females in mind they often base their game designs on stereotypical gender roles. For example, many game companies believe that female players are attracted to games with the color pink; fashion, shopping, and dating games; and that they dislike games with violence, gore, and complex scenarios. This thinking is likely to be oversimplified, misleading, and reflects the stereotypical beliefs of the male dominated gaming industry and not necessarily the true interests of female game players (Stredder, 2001; Jenson & de Castell, 2007).

Pro's graph shows that the U.S has more violent video games and shootings than Europe.. Well, according to this article () the gun laws in Europe are way more tight than the US. Pro asks how we can dwarf a country in both violent video game sales and shootings? We dwarf them by allowing guns in the US. How do you shoot someone without guns?


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