• What monopod head is next.
  • I must confess that I have never owned a monopod with feet. There are mixed reviews.
  • The monopod models that only have one foot have very questionable value.
  • Monopod Reviews Tip. Pay attention to the tip of your monopod.

AmazonBasics 67-Inch Monopod


With higher priced models, the feet are heavier and definitely had some stability over a simple one-legged monopod. Essentially what you have is a scaled-down tripod with small legs and a large adjustable center leg.

3-in-1 Super Portable 7-section Monopod, 20-110CM

Wide Compatible 55mm up to 90mm,

Perfectly fit for Iphone 5S/5/4S/4 + Samsung 4S/Note3/Note2 + More Cell Phone

Advanced Bracket Cell Phone Clamp, Entertainment for life

super 3-in-1

Snap the moment


Instructions on how to use a monopod for outdoor digital photography.

he 685B weighs 1.7 pounds (0.8kg) and is rated for 17.6 pounds load (8kg), enough to take on the 500mm, plus camera body, plus head and clamp, plus my left arm draped over it for stability and dampening. That doesn't mean this tripod is solid as an oak tree with that much weight on it, but technically it's supposed to at least handle that load without failing (collapsing) []. The thing that drew me to this monopod is it's unique design, which allows you to extend and collapse it's full length with one hand - Yes, ONE HAND. It has a small fold-out "pedal" that you simply hold down with your toe as you pull up on the monopod to extend it. No matter what height you stop at, it's automatically locked in position and will not drop down - no clamps, clips, catches, knobs or anything else to tighten. In fact, Manfrotto claims that the more you push down on it, the tighter it locks. You can keep pulling it up farther and farther until it's fully extended without having to release anything.