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Verizon Wireless MHS291L Jetpack 4G LTE Global Ready Mobile Hotspot with No Warranty - No Contract

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The monthly cost of a data plan is a big factor with many users, especially now that unlimited data plans are a thing of the past. The cheapest 4G data plan currently available comes from T-Mobile: $30 per month for a measly 200 MB of data, or $40 per month for 2 GB. These plans include the T-Mobile ZTE-MF61 mobile hotspot device. Unless your data needs are really minimal, these cut-rate plans may disappoint you.

When you hit your monthly cap, T-Mobile will throttle back your download speed to a crawl. Verizon and AT&T offer mid-range data plans of about $50 per month for up to 5 GB, plus $10 for every gigabyte or fraction thereof that you go over your plan each month. Sprint recently eliminated unlimited data plans for new customers. Now its 3G/4G data plans for mobile hotspots start at 6 GB for $50 per month, plus Data coverage is a big issue with travelers, especially business users. 4G coverage is still rapidly changing, so it's impossible to say which carrier has the "best" 4G coverage. However, AT&T's 3G network is very comprehensive, and its MiFi 2372 mobile hotspot supports both 3G and 4G. So with tthis combo you can get 4G where it's available and be sure of at least 3G coverage nearly everywhere else..05 per MB for overages.


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