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  • Bluetooth Rechargeable Stereo Mini Speaker in Rubberized Finish
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XBOOM Mini Portable Capsule Speaker with Rechargeable Battery and Enhanced Bass+ Resonator - Black


Those who want a rugged, but still portable, mini speaker may be interested in the . This may be one of the best options for those who plan to use their mini speakers outdoors; its plastic casing has UV protection and it also has some waterproofing features that make it relatively safe to have around a pool or other source of water.

Promotional Portable Mini Speaker for mobile phones/home use Quick Details: Item: min speaker Model Number: KS338 Place of Origin: Guandong, China Color: black, blue, silver, red, ...


Bluetooth Rechargeable Mini Speaker System in Rubberized Finish

The Mini A’s also work very well as desktop speakers. Their footprint is relatively small, their height puts the tweeters’ height close to a listener’s ears height, and a desk surface will reinforce the bass. The Mini A’s would also be excellent surrounds in a multichannel system with larger Bryston speakers up front, due to their shared design philosophy and the reduced demands at the surround positions. I recommend carefully auditioning the Bryston Mini A speakers if you are in the market, and I recommend bugging a Bryston dealer to hear what a creatively engineered wide dispersion speaker sounds like even if you are not.