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Microsoft Office 365 Personal 1 Year | PC or Mac Key Card (Packaging May Vary)


Your business doesn't stop when you walk out the door, and your software shouldn't either. Cloud-based products and tools from Sprint support business productivity from nearly anywhere. Sprint is the first to offer Microsoft Office 365 with the capability to work Sharepoint sites offline, conserve bandwidth and accelerate Web pages.

Joining the power of Sprint's network and mobility expertise with Microsoft's cloud-based productivity and collaboration solutions will bring organizations new ways to enhance productivity, reduce costs and collaborate with customers and partners, while also extending cloud-based communication tools to mobile workforces.With Microsoft Office 365 offered by Sprint, businesses will be able to: Sprint's solutions eliminate the burden of keeping software and licenses up-to-date. Because the services are located in the cloud, updates are managed & implemented automatically. Sprint is focused on continued network investment and providing a network experience that businesses can trust not just today but as their cloud and mobile data demands, and operational complexities evolve.


an overview of microsoft office 365

So in essence, Microsoft make Office 365 and Microsoft Make the Lumia 640 so you would think the Office 365 bundled with the Lumia 640 would work together, eh, no. You get nothing more on the Lumia with the bundled Office 365 than you would on an older 525 model. Sad really.