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Microsoft Office is an all in one office suite. All in one as it contains the collection of finest applications from Microsoft that are useful in every other professional documentation work that we do. Almost everybody whether writers, lawyers, employees, etc use its products for once cause or the other. Microsoft Office 2015 is the latest edition of the Microsoft office suite, which is going to be released soon in the starting of the following year. Starting from Microsoft’s very own operating system, this application can now be finding on almost all the operating system including Mac OS X, Windows Mobile, iOS and Android too.

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program that allows its users to comprehensively edit, manage and create spreadsheets without getting much deeper into the design. Excel consists of a large number of rows and columns that could hold almost any amount of data. In case you have exhausted all of the rows and columns somehow, you can add extra rows and columns or alternatively can use extra sheets. By default there are three sheets already available in the document, which can however be increased to any number. The most important thing about excel is the default functions that makes certain calculations easier. You can simply add, subtract, take an average, percentage, etc using the cell data and their respective functions. In the Microsoft Office 2015 edition, certain new functions have been added along with the functionality of importing graphs and charts.


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