• Name: Meta Knight
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  • Meta Knight is a major character in the Kirby series appearing in most of the games, manga, as...

Meta Knight amiibo - Nintendo 3DS


In this game, Meta Knight has a more heroic appearance. Right from the get-go he flies to the parallel Mirror World to save it from danger, but is instead kidnapped by his evil Mirror World counterpart, . Dark Meta Knight then proceeds to split Kirby into 4 separate Kirby's. When the 4 Kirby's gather all the Mirror Shards, the encounter Meta Knight and his Dark counterpart. The 4 Kirby's defeat Dark Meta Knight and just when their sucked into a portal, Meta Knight tosses his sword into the portal so the Kirby's can fight . He later puts said sword in a pedestal.

Meta Knight appeared as an anti-hero as well as ally for Kirby in the anime. Originally he was a Star Warrior alongside Kirby who fought in the war with Nightmare's monsters, as well as one of the only survivors. He assisted Tiff and himself to help Kirby defeat enemies from Nightmare Enterprises that has ordered. He also shown reveal Kirby's past in Tiff's dream.


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Wiz: Strangely enough, Meta Knight seems to outmatch Sonic completely. Sonic's whole deal may be speed, but Meta Knight flies through galaxies at a speed akin to Kirby's Warp Star, which is faster than light. Meta Knight is actually than Sonic.