• Magic Mouse 2
  • With the public disclaimer out of the way, we can now begin tearing down the Magic Mouse.
  • Here's the Broadcom BCM2042A4KFBGH chip that allows the Magic Mouse to talk to its host.
  • Hey, I didn't get an iMac with my magic mouse!! WTF

Apple Magic Mouse 2 (MLA02LL/A)


This week, Apple refreshed their lineup of peripheral input devices, so we're summoning all the teardown strength we can muster. Thus far, we've cracked open the second generation and the first ever , and now we're turning our attention to the Magic Mouse 2. Will this new design stand the test of time? Join us as we find out!

If it is using the same technology as the glass touch pad on the MacBook, then no you're not imagine the tingling. I have felt it too. I for one am amazed by the touch technology in the magic mouse and it is hands and feet above anything Logitech or MacAlly can come up with.


Apple Magic Mouse review | Macworld

Magic Mouse requires much more power draw from the 2 AA batteries than the Logitech M600 in that a same pair of batteries that were claimed by OS X as dead (under 5% charge on the upper right banner bar and system prompt for change of batteries) is still able to power Logitech M600 immediately taken out of Magic Mouse. In Logitech's product spec page, it states that it can be powered by a single AA battery and can last 6 months with a new pair. A Magic Mouse would probably only last a month and a half :(