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Apple 60w Magsafe Power Adapter Charger for MacBook and 13-inch MacBook Pro

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To find MacBook chargers on , perform a search for the MacBook charger, including information on the power rating that is needed-either 45 watt, 60 watt, or 85 watt. It should be noted that higher wattage chargers can be used on the lower wattage laptops, but not vice versa. For example, an 85-watt charger can be used on a MacBook that requires a 45 watt or 60 watt charger; however, a 45-watt charger cannot be used on a MacBook that requires a 50 watt or 85 watt charger. This will not be sufficient to of your machine.

The basic retail package for the MacBook charger includes the AC adapter with surge protector, power cord, and Magsafe or Magsafe 2 connector. There are also several accessories that can be purchased to go along with the MacBook charger.


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Some people prefer to have multiple chargers. This is especially true for people who use their MacBook as both a as well as a normal laptop when they are traveling. There are workstation adapters that can connect directly to the wall and remain permanently on the desktop or work area. You can then purchase a second MacBook charger, and keep it stored in the laptop bag. By having access to multiple chargers, all you have to do is unplug the MacBook and take it with you, making it a breeze to pack up and go.