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Acer G226HQL 21.5-Inch Screen LED Monitor


A potential weak link of an LCD monitor is the backlight. Since the liquid crystals do not produce any light on their own, if the backlight fails, the monitor is unusable. Many monitors come with a three-year , but stipulate one year for the backlight.

Samsung’s Startlight Touch Controls integrate the On Screen Display (OSD) buttons into the bezel for a seamless look and feel, eliminating obtrusive buttons on the front or sides on the panel. Gently touching any of the buttons illuminates the controls which automatically disappear after a set period of time, minimizing distractions. The Samsung P2370 LCD monitor offers full HD 1080p resolution (1920x1080) for optimized viewing of HD content. For full HDTV capability, the Samsung P2370HD monitor builds on the 1080p capabilities of the Samsung P2370 LCD monitor with the addition of a HDTV tuner, integrated speakers with SRS TruSurround HD and remote control. In addition, the Samsung P2370HD monitor also has HDMI and component inputs for additional connections such as Blu-Ray, set-top boxes and game consoles providing users with a display that is ready for work and play.


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The actual size of the screen is measured in inches. Unlike CRT monitors, LCD with the declared and the actual size of the diagonal is always the same. Because of this, the actual size of LCD-panel size of 15.1 “corresponds to the actual size of the 17” CRT monitor.
Angle. By this characterization, because of technological features, almost all LCD-technology CRT monitors are inferior. This is manifested in the fact that when looking at the monitor at a large angle, or the picture will be dark, or there will be a strong distortion of colors. However, some types of matrices for this indicator is close to that of a CRT.
Contrast ratio. This ratio is the ratio of the maximum and minimum possible intensity levels. In CRT monitors it is 500:1, which makes it possible to obtain the picture quality on the internet. Due to the fact that the light on the LCD backlight always on and can not be adjusted, then the main problem is to display black. Because of the technological features of LCD-panels, they are almost impossible to display true black. However, the developers are close to solving the problem and good contrast ratio LCD monitors at the moment is from 400:1 to 500:1.
Brightness is determined by the characteristics of the lamp. At this point on the LCD indicator is no different from the CRT, which is the standard for value in the 100 – 120 cd / m². Technically very easy to get a greater brightness value, but because it can significantly decrease the life of the phosphor.
Blind spots or pixel errors. because of faulty transistors, some pixels on the panel do not work. Ie a transistor ceases to adjust the light output by blocking in the open, always transmits light or closed. By the standards of tolerance of up to 5 pixel errors on the new LCD-panel.
The response time of liquid crystals – this is one of the most important characteristics of LCD-panels. Big time leads to a visible delay in fast moving images, such as the demonstration video. Normal rate should be less than 30 milliseconds.
The input signal and color. it must be digital, because otherwise, there will be a double digit conversion (GPU)-analog (VGA-connector) – figure (LCD-display), which reduces the image quality, especially in color.
Types of matrices
So, the following types of matrices: