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VTech CS6719-2 DECT 6.0 Phone with Caller ID/Call Waiting, Silver/Black with 2 Cordless Handsets


Telephones have been a major fixture in every home. From the time of its (debatable) inventor, Alexander Graham Bell, the utility of this means of communication had consistently and increasingly gained acceptance. Landline telephones make communications fast and easy. Landlines are the most sought after type of telephones. They have never been disregarded as one important gadget to carry on daily activities. In work places, the is indispensable. Personal or business communications profit from this invention. The economy likewise benefits from them in terms of gross national product and employment. Even with the current trend of cellular phones, the is here to stay. Why?

Statistics show that even with the advent of cellular phones, the landline phones had continuously flourished. If ever there is a drop in number of users, the drop is very minimal. Why? Because even if people are equipped with cellular phones, they never have their landline phones disconnected. So – in essence, it is a fact that landline phones are here to stay.


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COLUMBUS, Ohio -- State lawmakers are considering letting telephone companies off the hook when it comes to providing landline telephone service to Ohioans once federal authorities give the companies approval, but the legislation might not make it past Gov. John Kasich's desk.