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Brother P-touch ~1/2-Inch Standard Laminated Tape, Black on White, 26.2-Feet (2 Pack)

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We carry numerous quality school laminating machines: ► by Ledco. Laminating which was manufactured with teachers input, ► - An excellent laminating machine is the, ► - a huge selling school laminator and the ► - for wide format pouch laminating and poster mounting.

Protect your important documents or projects with a laminator. Choose the perfect lamination machine for your need in a wide variety of styles, sizes, prices. Office laminating machines, home laminating machines and personal laminating machines are ideal for laminating flash cards, teaching aids, posters and other educational materials. Our industrial laminating machines are low cost, easy to use, low maintenance and feature a safety shield and reverse switch to avoid problems.
Roll Laminators are designed for commercial use and preserving larger sized documents. Hop Industries offers roll laminators machines designed for the school, government, office, copy/ print shop or business service center.
Pouch Laminators are ideal for preserving documents and easy to use. Hop Industries offers personal use pouch laminators for the home or small office, ID card and ID badge pouch laminators for corporate and school use as well as heavy duty pouch laminators for use in the copy/print shop, government, business service center, etc.
Wide Format Roll Laminators. Choose from a thermal wide format roll laminator, a wide format roll laminator that will do both thermal and pressure sensitive laminating or a wide format roll laminator that does pressure sensitive laminating only.


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The is a feature-packed, 27" roll laminating machine that is designed for use in schools, offices, and other organizations with medium-volume laminating needs. Capable of laminating with both 1.5 and 3 mil laminating films up to 27" in width, the 27STA also comes equipped with a wide array of user-friendly features, such as a locking keyswitch to prevent unauthorized use, a usage counter to track consumption, and a user-defined preset for commonly-used film types. To make operation even easier, this model also has a unique design that allows the pull rollers to be rotated independently of the roller shafts, which helps to clear even the most severe wrap-around. Below are step-by-step instructions for clearing film wrap-arounds on the :