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  • In this video Muir demonstrates the features of a Kwikset door lock with SmartCode technology.
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Kwikset 991 Cameron Entry Knob and Single Cylinder Deadbolt Combo Pack featuring SmartKey® in Satin Nickel

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A non-smart-keyed Kwikset is, like virtually every other exterior door lock out there, your basic pin tumbler lock. Kwiksets are also very easy to pick open, but as others have observed, the majority of the time, if someone wants your stuff, they’re not likely to have the skill, or even the inclination to bother with picking your locks – a brick or a crowbar is much faster, although noisier.

OK… I know this is an old post but maybe someone knowledgable would care to comment on this… Is a Kwikset deadbolt without “smart key” a better choice? Are they just as effective against bumping and even better against picking than one with the SmartKey? (e.g. a 785 without SmartKey, as opposed to a 785 SMT)


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Not the Kwikset Kevo, that's for sure. With the Kevo (licensed out from ), you'll be able to unlock your deadbolt just by tapping on it, thanks to the built-in Bluetooth 4.0 capable of detecting the smartphone in your pocket. Don't have a smartphone? Don't worry about it -- the Kevo comes with a handy keychain fob that'll let you tap your way inside, too. You can even use the free Kevo app to send friends and loved ones "eKeys" to let them in when you're not around. And for purists, rest assured that the Kevo still functions like a standard mechanical lock, with keys and everything.