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Dragon Touch Y88X 7-Inch Quad Core Android Kids Tablet with Wi-Fi, Camera and Games HD Kids Edition Zoodles Pre-Installed Bundle With Pink Silicone Case


Again I’m not saying its a bad tablet but it is definately not a kids tablet unless you got children that don’t ever move and never EVER drop anything.

For a kids friendly tablet i would expect a little more then that. I would understand a tumble down all my 13 steps and hitting every corner but this is pretty sad. Now comes the repair part. I can take it to a shop and get it repaired for roughly $100 or i can buy a new tablet because as i was informed this is no warranty issue since it was dropped (kind of understandable) BUT they do not do screen repairs therefor its on you to buy new or dish out for repairs. Now with that being said i opted for door number 3 which is researching all over the place, hunting down how-to videos and bought a $25 replacement digitizer glass and hope that with all my technological knowledge and experience in electronics repair i will be able to make this work for me if not i gained experience and wont make the mistake of buying a Kurio Tablet again.


7" Android Kids Tablet 4GB w/ Gel Case - 2016 Edition

You don’t even have to worry about finding appropriate media material to upload in the Kurio Kids Tablet with Android 4.0 – 7 inch 4GB from the beginning, because it comes equipped with e-books, educational material, popular apps, and other entertaining activities fit for their ages. The entire point of the tablet is that it has secure Web filtering, so you can leave your children playing or browsing the Internet without fearing they might stumble upon inappropriate content. The tablet’s 4 GB memory can be increased up to 36 GB by adding extra memory slots, so that the fun never ends! This is but one of the many children friendly gadgets that can help with your child’s development. If you want to discover similar gadgets and apps, you should definitely subscribe to a good tech news website. Try to find one with simple reviews that can help you better understand the latest technological advancements.