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VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX, Royal Blue (2nd Generation)


The VTech Kidizoom Video Camera also includes 3 fantastic inbuilt games, Photo Swap, Hide and Seek and Crazy Kitchen. These games are dead simple to play and are great fun having your own face and photos included during gameplay.

Photoswap is one of those moving the tiles around games and what makes it special is that as well as some stock photos of animals and things your own photos get added to the game too. Run out of photos in the game? Just snap some more!

Hide and Seek is a simple game where you press the directional buttons where you see the rabbit appearing from.

With Crazy Kitchen you begin by using the Face Tracking to take a photo of yoursel or a friend in a chefs hat and outfit. The game then consists of different ingredients falling down from above, and you moving left and right to try and catch them in your big frying pan. Yet nnother simple idea made very funny thanks to the ability to be in the game yourself.

The all new Kidizoom Video Camera from VTech includes 4 different modes, Video mode, Director Mode, Camera Mode and Games. Each background has a set of 4 interactive elements, which are activated by pressing the directional buttons on the when filming. It's clever Face Tracking feature will have Kids rolling with laughter as crabs pinch them, funny Hats appear on their head and Octopuses squirt them with ink.

With the VTech Kidizoom Video Camera in Director Mode your kids can pick from 5 interactive backgrounds and this is where the fun really begins and the Kidizoom shows off why it’s the best camera/video out there for children at the moment. The Directors mode is just so much fun, there’s a Birthday, Seaside, Outdoors, Spooky alien and Magician themes to choose from and with the Kidizoom Face Tracking technology your kids can have great fun making images appear to come alive.

In Video mode the is just like a normal camcorder, simply point and film up to 15 minutes of video, a chunky button on the side activates the Zoom function and kids will have no problems at all getting the hang of filming, it’s just one button press and your away.

With the Camera mode kids can either use the VTech Kidizoom Video Camera as a regular point and shoot camera or they can add some super fun effects to their pictures. Also in the camera mode by pressing the directional buttons forward of the VTech Kiddizoom Video Camera your children can scroll through a huge array of funny effects to make their pictures even better still.

Choose from Dame Edna style Glasses, a Musketeer hat, Pink hair in bunches, a Lion face, Sailors hat, Bunny face, Hippo’s head, Knights helmet, Albert Einstein moustache and glasses, Minnie Mouse bow, Cake over the face, Bandaged head, and Elton John style star glasses.

The VTech Kidizoom Video Camera also comes with some great photo frames which really make a picture special., there's Artist’s Easel, Airplane, Dinosaurs, Rock star, Shark, Hearts, Dracula, Film star, and Newspaper.


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