• But first, the keyboards.
  • great for left-handed gamers - has many extra keys on the right-hand side of the keyboard
  • Globlink's page for the keyboards is . The page for the Optical Presentation "Mouse" is .
  • How, though, do you use any Model M keyboard with a modern PC that doesn't have PS/2 ports?

Logitech Keyboard K120

Too low to display

Buying a new keyboard can improve your typing proficiency, whether you're writing a term paper or playing a video game. The right device can raise your comfort levels while also making it easier to use your computer through key commands.

Wireless keyboards are also available - these ensure that users aren't tethered to their desks. If you have a large enough screen, you can use your device while sitting away from your computer. Working without wires also allows you to find a relaxed position, so you aren't confined to a single table.


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Needless to say it also looks great, with simple styling letting the material do the talking – a refreshing change from the majority of premium keyboards which all too often bare more in common with neon lit wagons. Available in either silver or gunmetal, the alloy plating is also mercifully finger print resistant.