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Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones - Midnight Black


One of the biggest problems with taking headphones into the gym is that sweat always seems to be able to get into them and somehow short them out. However, like previous Jaybird Bluetooth headphones, the BlueBuds X is sealed off against sweat to prevent this. In order to back their claims, Jaybird also provides a lifetime warranty against sweat as well – a feature very much welcome for those looking to use the headphones while exercising .

Jaybird has also included audio prompts with what they’re referring to as Jenna. Previous Jaybird Bluetooth headphones had beeps that indicated when the power was on, when the headphones were connected, when the headphones were off, etc. With this new feature, Jenna will tell you when the headphones are on, when the headphones are off, when the headphones are connected, etc. This helps eliminate the guessing that generally occurs when the prompts were only beeps and LED status indicators.


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