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At the same time, one cannot ignore the fact that 5.8GHz systems support shorter distances than their 2.4GHz counterparts. This means that before investing in a wireless speakers system, you need to consider both the desired wireless range and also the congestion within your wireless networking air-space.

There are a few wireless speakers operating in the 5.8GHz band. Since most WLANs operate in the 2.4GHz range, 5.8GHz wireless speaker systems are not prone to interference from yours or neighboring wireless networks. In addition, these units are less likely to suffer interference from mobile phones, microwave ovens, and other household appliances operating in the 900MHz or 2.4GHz bands.


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True wireless home theater is still the unattained dream many would love to achieve. Most of today's wireless home theater systems focus mainly around the use of wireless speakers systems to eliminate trailing speaker wires when installing the rear speakers.