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Apple iPod Touch 16GB Space Gray (6th Generation)


Anyway, it’s hard to think of whatcould be coming a decade from now, but then, who could have forseen theiPod in 1998? It’s pretty clear, though, that any format that could allbut smash one of the biggest industries in history deserves its momentin the sun. So hooray to you, mp3, and take your place beside the wheeland the controller for the Nintendo Wii! Because without you, there’dprobably be no Apple iPod Touch 16GB, and we’d still all be braggingabout our speeding 56k connections. Which, if the cable companies havetheir way, could happen anyway. Hey, Google, when’s that free wificoming?

The Apple iPod Touch 16GB isn’tgoing to be the end of this chain of evolution, but it certainly is avery nice stop along the way. It plays every audio file you expect froman iPod (MP3, , Audible, ,AIFF) and handles files from the iTunes Store as well. And, like allrecent iPods, there’s video support. And don’t forget the photos, from and to and .


iPod touch is more fun than ever