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  • About iPhone Speaker Reviews

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker- BLKBOX POP360 Hands Free Bluetooth Speaker - for iPhones, iPads, Androids, Samsung and all Phones, Tablets, Computers (Bumpin' Black)


Their most interesting accessory is the $35 iPhone Speaker Dock & Hands-Free Mic. It lets you use your iPhone to make conference calls, as well as listen to amplified music and audio soundtrack playback.

Look for a system with an internal automatically recharging battery, allowing you to take your speakers where there is not a power source. Portable iPhone speaker systems can fall into one of three sizes: Large or Boombox (portable, loud and works well outdoors), Medium or Desktop, Small or Travel.


music, let’s go on checking the vintage iPhone dock speaker

The conch shell iPhone speaker amplifiers are sold by for a retail price of $75 and uses the natural contours of the seashell to amplify your iPhone’s speaker. The shell is able to hold your iPhone through a bit of manipulation since seashells don’t naturally have a dock for smartphones. A hole is cut out at the base of the shell, which holds your iPhone as well as allowing the shell to accurately amplify your phone.