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iPhone 6 Screen Protector, Maxboost® [Tempered Glass] 0.2mm Ballistic Glass iPhone 6 Glass Screen Protector Work with iPhone 6 and Protective Case [Lifetime Warranty]

Too low to display

ZAGG's iPhone screen protector performs well in this category. The shield is thin and unobtrusive. It does have a mildly textured surface, which will give your iPhone screen a subtle rubbery feel. While this reduces glare and makes it easier to keep a good grip on the phone, the rubbery texture also makes it a little harder to wipe off fingerprints and other oils from the surface. However, it's still better at resisting fingerprints than a bare iPhone screen. After some use, you'll probably begin to notice a faint rainbow sheen on your iPhone's screen; however, you can clean it off with a microfiber cloth.

Without an iPhone screen protector, you may end up with a scratched or cracked screen. Avoid unnecessary problems by adding the best iPhone screen protector to your iPhone 5, 4S or 4. Find out how we rank them.


There are many options to protect the screen of your new iPhone

This Proporta iPhone 5C screen protector is both practical and handy due to its dual functionality.

The iPhone mirror screen protector is designed to shield the screen of the Apple iPhone 5C while doubling up as a reflective mirror when the display is turned off.

Keep your screen free from scratches and scrapes with this Proporta iPhone 5C screen protector.

There's no need to faff with applying thanks to the useful application kit that comes with this iPhone mirror screen protector. What's more, thanks to its lifetime warranty, you won't need to buy a new iPhone 5C screen protector when it's time for a new one.