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iPhone 5 Case, iPhone 5S Case, BAROX Fashion Cute Armor Case for iPhone 5 5S

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So, what kind of cases are available for the iPhone 5? Well, since accessory companies didn’t get a heads-up on the iPhone’s new design, they’re working fast and furious to churn out iPhone 5 cases; you can expect to see a bunch more in the coming weeks. But here are five that you can get right now:

There are two types of iPhone 5 cases to choose from - hard shells and soft body gloves. Both protect the device and help prevent any bumps and bruises from an accidental fall. Solid cases are slightly heavier than gel ones, but you may want the extra weight so your iPhone doesn't feel so fragile. You should pick the iPhone 5 cover that feels the most comfortable and unobtrusive when using your phone. Enclosures are available in almost every color as well, so your phone can look as good as it works.


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Tufted Rhinestones iPhone 5 Cases:
These cases feature a textured satin design pattern resembling tufted leather with encrusted rhinestone diamonds through out. The case is made of a durable polycarbonate plastic with a chrome metallic electroplated coating. The Lollimobile Tufted Rhinestone iPhone 5 cases are available in 5 adorable bold colors including: Black, Blue, Pink, Violet and White with a retail value of 19.99 USD.