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AT&T, the one carrier which uses the SIM-powered GSM network, will not be selling the iPhone 4S unlocked. No surprises there, right? Nevertheless, AT&T might just change its mind if it loses significant sales thanks to its closed policy. Then again, as the iPhone is now most definitely a mass-market phone, few people will probably even care.

Last year, the first shipments of the Sprint iPhone 4S were unlocked and worked on AT&T, but Sprint later issued software updates that turned off that capability.


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With so many different potential solutions for unlocking your iPhone 4/4s, it can be difficult for individuals to know where to start looking, especially those who aren’t particularly tech savvy – it’s not like the iphone 4/4s comes with a manual on how to unlock your iPhone. One of the primary differences you will notice when looking for iphone 4/4s unlocking software is that some iPhone unlocking software is free and allows you to perform an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s unlock yourself, while others require a small fee but take care of the details of the unlocking process for you. What is the difference between the two types of solutions? Can free iPhone unlocking software do everything that premium iPhone unlocking solutions can?