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  • You knew it was going to happen one day, that there would be internet ready TVs and this is where we look at what they really are.
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Sony KDL40W650D 40-Inch Built-In Wi-Fi HD TV (2016 Model)


At present the internet ready TVs are being produced to take advantage of the ever growing content on the web. Because of sites like Hulu, Netflix, Crackle, and others that stream top content including first run movies, classics, television shows and more, people are clamoring to get internet ready TVs and those that have them are burning up the bandwidth to enjoy the online content.

Because so much new and in demand content is on the internet manufacturers of televisions have been working over the years to be able to not only allow users to access it but do so with televisions that are built just for that. This not only makes for better entertainment value but also expands the sales base of the manufacturers of such devices.

Basically the way internet ready TVs work is by just connecting to your high speed internet access. It receives the signal and by using your remote or keyboard you can access specific content just like you would via your computer, however, make no mistake it isn’t a computer it’s just accessing data from the web. In some cases you can interact with the web and manufacturers include more memory and processing power for those who would rather interact more like people who want to play video games.


Connecting Amazon Prime Video to an Internet Ready TV - YouTube

So in short, internet ready TVs basically have the means by which they can access the web, allow for a modicum of interactivity by the viewer and user. They allow for content from the web to be viewed by the TV which is great if it’s a top HDTV that provides great pictures. There’s also the cool 3D options for viewing and in the near future the internet will be providing more streaming content that will make it essential that all new TVs be internet ready.