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According to Akamai Technologies, Korea recorded an average Internet connection speed of 25.3 Mbps in the third quarter of last year to rank first in the world for three quarters in a row. The global average is 4.5 Mbps.

The Internet is a global network, basically a vast grouping of computers transferring data to one another. Connection speeds will vary depending on many conditions such as the time of day and the amount of congestion on the Internet in general. When you request a Web page from a server on the Internet, both the request and the resulting page travel over a series of links that help comprise the Internet. Points between links are often referred to as "hops." So depending on the number of people connecting to our servers, the number of "hops" taken to get to our site, the quality of the connections between each hop to this site and various other factors, your Internet connection speed will always vary.


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Once you will have the exact download and upload speed data, you can contact Internet Service Provider and ask them about the slow Internet connection and speed you are getting. You can also discuss the issue with tech related people or online communities by sharing your current Internet speed screenshots over there.