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RCA RIC102-Silver Compact Ice Maker, Silver

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The vast majority of consumer oriented built-in ice makers do not offer a refrigerated storage bin. At some point the ice produced will melt and the resulting water may need to be drained from the machine. The most common way to achieve this goal is to establish a permanent gravity drain line. The gravity drain line will exit the back of the machine and carry the water to a nearby drain located below the ice maker.

Our complete line of commercial ice makers includes compact ice machines that are ideal for small-volume ice production, limited ice needs, or as a backup during peak business hours; commercial ice makers designed to save valuable floor space in small kitchens, hotel hallways or the office lunchroom — any place where space is a problem; and the workhorses, designed for large-volume production in restaurants, foodservice, hotel ice dispensers, or any application where ice is in constant, continuous demand.


Can this icemaker be hooked directly to a water line?

Refrigerator ice maker assembly. If the icemaker is not working make sure the freezer temperature is around zero degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature is too warm the icemaker will not work properly.