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  • Intel core i7 for PC building review. In these hard economic times, any way that can be used to save money is always a welcome idea.
  • Core i7-5820K
  • By the time either of those two things become a significant concern, the i7-5960X and DDR4-3200 will likely be obsolete anyway.

Intel Boxed Core I7-6700K 4.00 GHz 8M Processor Cache 4 LGA 1151 BX80662I76700K

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What makes the Core i7 860 so interesting is that it's priced on par with everybody's favorite Nehalem: the Core i7 920. The 870 has great turbo modes, but it's nearly twice the price of the 860. The Core i5 750 wins in the price department, but it lacks Hyper Threading - part of what makes Nehalem so tasty in the first place. The 860 effectively gives us the best of both worlds, hence the focus on it for today's review.

We tested exclusively with the Core i7 870 and the Core i5 750, the 860 didn't arrive in my lab until after the review went live. I was spending the greater part of a week with AMD at that time and didn't get to testing until this past weekend. Here's the chip:


Haswell vs. Skylake-S: i7 4790K vs i7 6700K - Puget Systems

by the way . is there ANY game that will have trouble running on a monster like i7 5820K ? can any one see any difference between that and older i7 4790K ? they both do great with a powerful GPU . so why not take newer one and not upgrade to skylake . many are tired of waiting . i just built my i7 5820K with GTX 980 in PCHound just for around 1700$ . i know its still expensive but it's still affordable . what you guys think ? how about those benchmarks showing 5820K beating 6700K in GTA V and Crysis 3 and such ?