• How to Wipe a Computer Hard Drive
  • How to Wipe Clean an External Hard Drive - 4 Easy Steps
  • How to Wipe an External Hard Drive
  • Windows 7--How to Wipe a Hard Drive?

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Windows have inability to wipe hard drive, however, considering the security, we could choose some 3rd party wipe tools to wipe hard drive. Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition, the , it possesses the powerful ability to as an additional feature. To learn how to wipe a hard drive in Windows 7 with this program, to begin.

External hard drives consist of a hard disk inside a durable housing, and usually connect to a computer through a USB or Firewire cable. These devices provide a great way to back up data on your computer, transfer files from one computer to another, or just store additional files that won't fit on your computer's hard drive. There are several reasons you may want to wipe all the data from an external hard drive (in a process called "formatting"). You may want to remove clutter from the drive and start with a fresh volume, or you may want to remove any sensitive data before selling the hard drive to another person. Formatting a drive will also allow you to change the file system used by the drive to organize data. Learning how to wipe clean an external hard drive can help you accomplish these tasks with ease.


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