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  • Here you can see full collection of Home Safes pictures.
  • Here you can see full collection of Home Safes pictures.
  • Here you can see full collection of Home Safes pictures.

AmazonBasics Security Safe 0.5 Cubic Feet


West Coast Safes carries the most complete selection of office and homesafes on the Internet. From the smallest to largest safes, our modelsspan a variety of sizes and styles. We offer a home or office safesolution to suit everyone's security needs. Our safes are available in aselection of styles and colors that allow people to easily coordinatetheir new safe with the existing décor. Aside from size and appearancethere are many factors to take into consideration when choosing anoffice or home safe that is appropriate for you.

Relax knowing your most valuable possessions are safely stored away in one of our home safes. The average time a burglar remains in a victim’s home is roughly 6 minutes – hardly enough to time for the typical unsophisticated burglar to break into one of our strong safes for the home. Decrease the likelihood that a thief will even be able to find your home safe, much less break into it, by choosing one of our or for your home. Or, choose one of our for superior protection against both burglary and fire.


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Although a bank safe deposit box is good to have, it cannot match the comfort level and convenience of a home safe. The selection of home safes here have been carefully hand picked by our residential safe experts for your peace of mind. Each of these home safes will allow you to lock up your valuables and protect them from the major threats of a fire, a burglary, an unanticipated accident, prying eyes, and misplacement. No safe is completely fireproof or burglary proof, so pay no mind to safe companies that claim it. However, the following home safes have 1 hour fire labels, 2 hour fire labels, and certain levels of burglary protection. The prices are proportionate to either the size or the quality of the safe. If your valuables require an even higher degree of security, you may want to consider an found in the high security safes category. We can offer our white glove installation service to locations in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, PA, Maryland, Delaware, and the rest of the Northeast. We ship safes to the entire United States.