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Today’s energy-conscious homeowners are also environmentally aware. They want to do more than just save money—they want to go “green.” With Entertainment Technology, homeowners can do both. We specify whole-home light control systems that are the industry-leaders in controlling energy-efficient light sources. We specify companies that have been making energy-saving products for almost half a century.

Lighting systems represent a major portion of home energy costs. In fact, some studies show that lighting systems account for close to 60 percent of the total energy consumption costs in a home. A home lighting control system can reduce this cost substantially by enabling timed control of all interior and exterior lights in your home, and by eliminating unnecessary use of lighting systems. According to some estimates, an automated system can help reduce home energy costs by up to 10 percent per year and increase bulb life by up to 150 percent on average. Some vendors of home lighting systems claim that automation can save homeowners between $8 and $10 per bulb per year.


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