• GYM - Health and Fitness Technology
  • HFT 199 First Year Independent Project in Health and Fitness Technology 1-9 Credits. 0 Lecture Hour. 0 Lab Hour.
  • 025302 - Health Care Fitness Technology Assessment - Mansion Athletics
  • 1MM Health Fitness Technologies

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A project related to Health and Fitness Technology that is completed by one or more students to meet specific educational goals. Projects must have prior approval and supervision by Health and Fitness Technology faculty. Grades issued are Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory.
Prerequisites: Vary by section

A course on selected topics related to Health and Fitness Technology, which gives students opportunities to study information not currently covered in other courses. Grades issued are A, B, C, D, or F.
Prerequisites: and (minimum grade C) or (minimum grade C), or appropriate placement test score


and sleep for 7 days to give an overall health snapshot.